Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Carolyn Braden's Poetry #3

In the dark, the possible can come true.
In the light, the impossible is all I have,
can you give me a clue?
The hills are becoming mountains.
The trees, I cannot climb.
Can you hear me, are you listening?
Am I running out of time?
I feel naked, alone, and sad.
But at times, I grow incredibly mad.
The happiness comes and goes.
I have many highs, but too many lows.
What is it that can cure my blues?
It's the dreams that I hope to come true.
They say the clock is ticking,
my time is running out.
"Why do I have to give up!",
is all I want to shout.
It's true, I want to give up, 
throw my hands up in the air.
But all I can do is look the hole in the face,
not blinking, 
with just a stare.

Carolyn Braden's Poetry #2

Love, an impossible thing?
It doesn't only come from a ring. 
Love comes from hard work, patience, and time.
It survives hatred and crime.
Will I be able to keep you forever to be mine.
Or will you be like the others and cast me aside?

Carolyn Braden Is Poetry?

I've been feeling so upset for a while because I haven't had a chance to be creative.  Since starting back to school in August, I have not created on thing artistically for myself.  I've had absolutely zero inspiration.  Then, we recently had some bad weather and I got an unexpected early start to my winter break.  With having the time off, I've been able to actually think of myself for once, therefore, my inspirations started to come back to me.  A little while ago, someone told me I needed to write poetry.  I've written poetry in the past, but never thought of it as being "real".  It was before I knew I was actually a creative person who didn't think like everyone else.  I used to take my talents for granted because I didn't know that my gifts were anything special.  I just thought everyone was like me.  I had an awakening a couple of years ago that made me stop in my tracks and truly told me I was different.  I then realized what I made was really art, and I've taken it very seriously since.

So.....here is some of my first bits of creativity that has been suppressed since August.  

Poem One:  

It's time to stop the punches you throw.
It's time to just let you go.
You said you wished I'd go away,
but you really thought I'd want to stay.
It just doesn't matter anymore.
I've already walked out the door.
I've loved, I've hoped, I've tried.
You knew how much I cried.
My tears have now all dried.
It's time.  
I've forever put you aside.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Carolyn Braden says "Dance Anyone?"

At my Winter Wonderland Party, everyone loved the Michael Jackson Experience game for Wii!  Dancing is great exercise!  It also can lift a bad mood.  So get up and dance today!