Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Peacocks for the new year!

Well, I will be taking Pammie into the new year. She will be absolutely fabulous in 2009! She received some new friends in December, some of which need to be named still. The ones that were named were wonderful and inspiring!
I received many Peacock things for Christmas. My favorite peacock item so far is my peacock notepaper. It's so pretty! I love writing little notes, so the pretty paper makes it always fun!

I just want to wish everyone a happy start to the new year. For me, 2008 was a year of realization on many levels. There were great times and not so great times, as every year brings that. No matter what, we should all remember that things get bad sometimes, but they always get better. I will spend this final night of 2008 remembering the bad and the good, but will be leaving the bad in the past. That's what we have to do sometimes to prepare ourselves for the really good that is about to come. Again, we just have to be patient for those really good things!

My hopes for 2009 is a year of good beginnings. I wish the best to my peeps!
Peeps remember: Peacocks rock the flock!

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas!

I just want to wish everyone in the world a Merry Christmas. For anyone who celebrates a different holiday than Christmas, Happy Holidays to you!

I think I may have found a home for Pammie and some of my other book characters. It's a company out in Oklahoma. I've never been there before. I ran into a woman while shopping at T.J. Maxx the other night. We struck up a conversation that led to me finding out that she is having her mother's (God rest her soul) book of poetry published within the next couple of weeks. I asked about who the company was, and she told me all about them. I looked them up on the internet and was drawn to them. It's a little company called Tate. They do market books to big retailers and that is what I am looking for. I need Pammie to be on books shelves all around the world. I have to start somewhere, so I am hoping Tate is the way to go.

When I called Tate to ask about how to submit a manuscript, a receptionist actually answered the phone! I loved that! All these big companies have automatic answering machines and have you pressing buttons until you go crazy. Not Tate. She patched me through to a Kyle's voice mail because he will be on vacation until January 5th, due to the holidays. That is fine with me. I left a voice mail and look forward to hearing from him.

Oh...there's something about the Wizard of Oz for me right now. My creative talents are pulling me towards Oz. Kind of weird, but I have a feeling about it. :) I just have to be patient, right?

Till next time,


Thursday, December 4, 2008

Photo Consult

The photo consult went pretty good for Tommy and I yesterday. We met with our agent and photographer for our photo shoot on Sunday.

Like I've been saying in my fashion blog.....color is really in. Reds, Greens, and right now, any color pretty much goes. Even though it's winter, why do we have to dress in neutral colors?? Why do I have to put away my bright, cheery, yellow cardigan and save it until spring?

So, we need to do a little shopping around for T. He needs to dress in slimmer suits. The JFK, well cut, slim suit is really in style right now for men. Basically, our photos need to look like commercial stills or advertisements. After meeting with our agent, I understand the photo look. I brought props along, and I was right on for doing that! They wanted props and liked my ideas. I came home and pulled all kinds of other outfits and props together. I am going to take everything I can think of on Sunday, and let my agent pull out what she likes best. I took lots of notes based on her opinions so I could get it all right. After all, the photos not only represent us, but they will also represent the agency.

I am taking my peacock t-shirt and pretty silk blouse with the peacock print. They have blue and green in them and my agent liked those colors for me. I figured the peacock things will be a good conversation starter for bringing up my Pammie the Peacock idea to my agent...... :)

Until next time....